July 4, 2022

Ayrton Senna Onboard – Last Lap In F1

Ayrton Senna known as one of the best in history of F1, his last lap at Imola before his crash.

Senna started his career back in 1983, driving for Hard Racing, where he showed his class and taking P6 in his second race in F1.

He later joined Toleman team for a year but unable to fight in the front as the car wasn’t capable of doing it.

In 1985, it all started for Ayrton Senna, his drive in rain at Monaco GP, where he could have won the race if it didn’t stopped due to heavy rain, Senna was P2, catching Prost for almost 5 seconds every lap.

Senna’s first win came in Portugal in 1985 driving for Lotus team. Senna joined McLaren in 1988, where he won three championships for British team, his battle with Prost at the same team, will be remembered forever.