July 3, 2022


Carlos Sainz reveals that everyone at Ferrari is still talking about the former legend of the team – Michael Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher joined Scuderia Ferrari back in 1996 – he had many offers including McLaren team who offered more money but the German decided to join to Maranello.

However, in his first year at Ferrari, the car wasn’t competitive as he wanted but somehow Schumacher managed to take his first win for the team at Barcelona in wet conditions.

Year later in 97′ one small mistake cost him championship, he battled with Villeneuve throughout the season but unlucky at the European GP he collided with Villeneuve – which resulted in disqualification from the championship for Michael.

Two years in a row he couldn’t match the speed of McLaren’s – but finally in 2000 Schumacher got what he wanted and won the first championship for the Italian manufacturer.

The German dominated the sport for five years with this team and he remains the most loved one for the team and for the Ferrari fans – Carlos Sainz explains that even today the team mechanic are still talking about Michael Schumacher.

Carlos Sainz in an interview said: “Since I’ve been at Ferrari, I’ve been listening a lot of stories about Michael/”

“Every mechanic here talks about him and it’s great to hear how he was able to win over the entire group.” concluded Sainz.

F1 is heading to a new era now – the expectations are high at Ferrari. There are rumours that Ferrari have made a significant improvements for the new season and they are the team to beat in 2022.