December 5, 2022

Christian Horner ramps up Lewis Hamilton games with another cautious Red Bull comment

Christian Horner has ramped up the Lewis Hamilton mind games courtesy of another cautious comment about his Red Bull team ahead of the new season. Horner masterminded Max Verstappen’s maiden title win last season as Hamilton was denied a record eighth championship.

F1 have introduced a whole host of new rules ahead of the upcoming season and cars now look markedly different from how they appeared in the past.

The wings of cars have been altered after a switch to ground-effect aerodynamics, while tyres will now be 18 inches rather than 13 inches.

Red Bull have built a reputation for being particularly adroit when it comes to changing tyres in an expeditious manner.

But Horner has admitted it will take time for his team’s mechanics to familiarise themselves with the new tyres and get up to speed when it comes to changing them.

“It will definitely have an impact on the pit-stops,” the Red Bull chief said during the launch of the RB18.

“The tyres and wheels are heavier, more bulky, and so having got the world record at 1.82 seconds I don’t think we will be challenging it in this first year with these wheels.

“It will be about adapting and refining our techniques.”

Horner will be hoping Verstappen can build on his success of last year and back-up his first title with a second one in 2022.