July 4, 2022

Formula 1: Helmut Marko rules out Brawn GP repeat in 2022

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko has predicted that the 2022 regulation changes will not throw up a surprise to the extent of the Brawn GP emergence in 2009 in Formula 1.

The sport is introducing a swathe of new technical directives for the upcoming season and an exciting set of predictions are being made in light of that.

Indeed, if one of the midfield teams can ace the new rules or if one of the front-runners gets it wrong, we could see a real shake-up of the field, whilst the new aerodynamic ethos has been designed with the intention of improving the racing and generating closer action.

Certainly, there’s every chance we could be in for a surprise or two in 2022 but Marko has sought to pour cold water on the fire of those hoping for a Brawn GP like run in 2009:

“The double diffuser was a political thing back then.

“With the standard teams like Mercedes and Red Bull have today – with simulation, computers and all the resources – I don’t believe in it.”

Brawn, of course, were the former Honda team and, in 2008, the Japanese motor giant pulled out of the sport, leaving Jenson Button and Rubens Barichello without a team for the coming year.

Ross Brawn bought it, though, strapped a Mercedes engine in the back of the car they had designed and the rest, as they say, is history as they pulled off one of the shocks in the sport’s history, with Jenson Button going on to win the world championship.