July 4, 2022

Lewis Hamilton has already received two F1 retirement approvals.

The future of Lewis Hamilton in formula 1 remains open, while now the beginning of the new season is approaching ..
Lewis Hamilton after seven-time Formula 1 title winner, now Lewis Hamilton’s future remains shrouded in uncertainty, he does not indicate whether he will return to the net after his loss to Max verstappen in Abu Dhabi, and he has already won two green lights to be drawn by two Formula 1 figures.

Hamilton has said he “is not worried about retirement” as the F1 world awaits, Hamilton was just a lap away from winning the eighth record F1 title that would have moved him ahead of Michael Schumacher in the history books, born in Stevenage ended up losing the glory of Verstappen, with an incident involving a safety car that prevented him from moving forward.
Shortly after the chaos in the Middle East, Hamilton sparked speculation about his future by saying “we’ll see about next year”.
He has kept a low profile since then, only to return to social media,Many still want the 37-year-old to continue competing, especially as he remains at the top of his game.