July 4, 2022


The new era and the new season will be a key season for Scuderia Ferrari and Alpine F1 team as they are big manufacturer.

From 2022 until 2025 power units will be frozen, and according to reports Renault and Ferrari already made a better power unit lighter and much more effective which will help with the new fuel regulations.

Renault have a brand new power unit which is promises to fill the gap to Mercedes and Honda engines also hunting them down for the last horses that are missing for years.

According to a German media, Auto Motor and Sport, the French manufacturer did not updated their power unit in the last two years, as their focus was on the new regulations that were coming in 2022.

We believe that was the reason Fernando Alonso accepted Alpine offer, he believes that Renault will be very strong and could be in front by 2022.

Alpine team principal is convinced that the results will be different from the last two years, “We expect that next year we will be competitive and we will be able to fill the gap to the front runners,”