July 4, 2022


According to Sport1, Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says that this month is crucial for Volkswagen to join in Formula One by 2026.

He has been in talk with the German Group about entering in Formula 1, also with Liberty Media, the German manufacturer is closer than ever to join F1.

However, in the last few week Volkswagen participated in the study of the new regulations that are coming by 2026, working closely not only with Libery Media but also they are working with engineers that already know details about the regulations.

“January is very important month for Volkswagen to entry in Formula One,” said Domenicali.

“It would be great for Volkswagen to join us but I can’t speak for them much more,”

“But all I can say that they are working very hard to participate in F1 in the near future,”

“I hope they can make a decision quickly, It would be great to see them involved in developing the new rules but now it’s up to them to make a decision,” concluded Domenicali.