July 4, 2022


In an interview for Gazetto dello Sport, Tombazis gave us some updates about 2022 cars. It is expected that in a year the difference between the fastest and the slowest will be half a second.

Tombazis asked what he expects at the start of the season: “I think at the start of the season some teams will be much faster than the others, but it is expected to catch up over the course of the season,”

“I can’t say that the season will be dominated by a single team – with the new rules there could be more winners next season,”

Asked if there will be visible difference between cars :”No there will no much difference, they will be the same visibly as it was in 2021,”

“With the new tyres, the 2022 cars in general will be faster in the corners but less stable in very tight corners, it will be little bit tricky,”

Asked about difference – the fastest car and the slowest, “We believe by 2023 the difference will be only half a second,” added Tombazis