July 4, 2022


The CEO of Formula 1 in an interview for Motorsport revealed that the final race of F1 in Abu Dhabi was followed by 2 billion spectators.

Domenicali told Motorsport: “The finale was followed by more than two billions spectators,”

Another F1 president was elected for the new season by FIA, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, and now it is believed that their target is to get much more followers.

We know the new era is coming, Domenicali said: “We already have spoken with the president, we talked about the priorities he will have to face.”

“At this stage we can’t say much, but we had an extraordinary season, followed by 2 billion spectators,”

“We are really proud what we have done and we hope we do a better job in the future, that’s our target.”

However, as the season begins in three months, teams are working hard on the new regulations. Introduction of the new fuel, new aero and other details.

“New regulations are coming and the bugdet cap, the difference of the car will be greater than the people expect, we believe the gap will be filled quickly and we will expect closer fight,” added Domenicali.

By 2023, car difference will be 0.5 seconds according to Tombazis who told Gazetto dello Sport: “By the 2023 the difference between Mercedes and Haas team will be 0.5 seconds per lap,”