July 4, 2022


Formula 1 goes to a new era next season and with the new introduction of the new regulation could change things on the grid.

We believe the new introduction of E10 fuel, a mixture with 90% of fossil fuel and 10% of ethanol, will give Ferrari 20HP more.

The introduction of ethanol forced the engineers to redesign the combustion chambers of the six-cylinders, which means the engine will lose it’s power by 20HP.

All Formula 1 manufacturers now are working hard to reduce this gap, which will affect everyone on the grid.

According to Motorsport, Ferrari could benefits from this as their experience could play a big role for the new season.

The man who designs the unit is Wolf Zimmerman and their experience with fuel developer Shell, can change many things for the new season.

However, Shell is the innovation sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari and it is expected to play a big role in the study of ecological fuels for Formula 1.

According to reports leaked from Maranello team – they would already been able to overcome the handicap of 20HP.

Scuderia Ferrari seems to be optimistic about the new project, but we have to wait and see until they get their challenger on track.