July 4, 2022


As Mercedes remain his “family”, Nico Rosberg found it painful to see how Lewis Hamilton missed out on the 2021 title.

“I felt pain, incredible pain. I don’t have anything to do with Mercedes now, but of course it’s my family from before, and an incredible pain,” he is quoted by Soymotor.com as having told the Cross Country Rally YouTube channel.

“They were 99% sure they were going to win the World Championship until there were three laps to go. After losing it, and losing it in a fight like that, where they couldn’t do anything because the tyres had 50 laps on them…unbelievable pain.

“It’s a shame it ended up like that with a bit of a strange decision by the FIA.”

As Rosberg mentioned, the intervention from the FIA brought an epic season to an end on a bit of a down note.

“From the very first moment we had an amazing year of Formula 1,” Rosberg reflected.

“It was great fun to watch on TV, the fight between Hamilton and Verstappen was phenomenal. They are the two best drivers in many years.

“Verstappen will be champion many times, the two of them meeting in every race was phenomenal.

“Of course, Formula 1 is in a difficult situation because they fight and do everything on the limit and the FIA also now has to calibrate and adjust.

“They have to do a good job in the winter to improve and make everything more square because we have to avoid situations with doubts.”