July 4, 2022


Abu Dhabi race still not accepted by many, petition reaches 40.000. Max Verstappen won the race on the final lap of the race, but the Safety Car controversy still continues.

Michael Masi had the most difficult job that day – he decided to go for a one-lap race which favoured Max Verstappen who had fresher tyres.

Lewis Hamilton on the other hand couldn’t pit after SC deployment, unlucky as the yellow flag was all over the third sector.

However, a petition attempting to make Lewis Hamilton 2021 World Champion has been signed by almost 40.000 people around the world.

The man who started the petition about giving the title to Lewis Hamilton is Patel Gordon-Bennett, who says that the decision will send “very wrong message to youngsters and future racers.”

“I believe that justice was not served on Sunday December 12, 2021 when the FIA stewards denied Lewis Hamilton of his win of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. With less than 1 lap remaining, some lapped cars were allowed to pass the safety car, which does not comply with the rules of the F1 sport. This gave rival opponent Max Verstappen the opportunity to overtake Lewis Hamilton and win the Grand Prix. If you are an advocate of justice, honesty and fairness, please sign this petition. Leaving this decision as it stands will send a very wrong message to youngsters and future racers.” wrote the petition creator – Patel Gordon Bennett